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Make a review of the following information, and you will determine:

  • The therapist and client work together with a mutual understanding that the therapist has theoretical and technical expertise, but the client is the expert on him- or herself.
  • The therapist seeks to help the client discover that he/she is powerful and capable of choosing positive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Treatment is often short-term. Clients actively participate in treatment in and out of session. Homework assignments often are included in therapy. The skills that are taught in these therapies require practice.
  • Treatment is goal-oriented to resolve present-day problems. Therapy involves working step-by-step to achieve goals.
  • The therapist and client develop goals for therapy together, and track progress toward goals throughout the course of treatment.
  • This therapy mainly works with Neuro- linguistic programming technics
  • The tools developed in the treatment you will used in other futures situations.
  • The therapy involves the different action areas of the client. As familiar, personal, professional, spiritual, seeking for his or her emotional balance.
  • Works with most common emotional disorders, among others: Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, Stress, Excessive worry, Grief, End relationship, Low self- Esteem, Low social skills, Posttraumaticexperience, Fears, Anger management, Parenting.
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